AVM allows you to have a board-certified internal medicine specialist on your staff at your convenience. We complement your existing services with ours and redefine the relationship between general practitioners and specialists. As an extension of your staff, we consider the health of your patients and the success of your practice to be our primary goals.

Benefits of partnering with AVM include:
  • Credentials and expertise in veterinary internal medicine which assist primary care veterinarians and inspire client confidence
  • On-site results and recommendations
  • Decreased client referrals

Scheduling: Consultations are available Monday through Friday. Saturday appointments are available on a limited basis.

After receiving client consent, call to schedule appointments on your client's behalf. Please confirm appointments one day in advance, both with the client and with AVM. We recommend retaining a $100 deposit to cover a cancellation fee if one is incurred (cancellation fees may be charged if the appointment is not cancelled prior to the day of the scheduled appointment).

Preparation for appointments: In general, we prefer that food be withheld from pets on the day of appointments except for diabetic pets. Water restriction is not necessary unless specifically requested. For pets being dropped off for ultrasound, please ask the client for permission to shave the haircoat if necessary. For biopsy or other invasive procedures, clients must sign a standard consent/release form.

Payment: AVM invoices veterinarians directly we do not accept payments from pet owners or other parties.

Jeff Toll's Bio

Jeff Toll, VMD, DACVIM
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